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Effective system of elevator security smart management with IOT technology

“No more elevator accidents”
--This is the ultimate goal we are dedicated to!

Yunti applies IOT technology in smart management of elevator security, focuses on IOT,internet and big data and is dedicated to elevator security solution for the 1.3 billion people.

  Yunti Significance

Early-warning Before Accidents:

Comparing and combining the physical data of elevator operation with maintenance data to give in-time warnings for maintenance parts renewal; capturing and dissuading improper user behaviors via video behavior analysis.

Comforting and Disposal During Accidents:

Yunti can trigger the warning system while accidents happen, accurately send the accident information to relevant platforms and accelerate maintenance response; meanwhile, it can also comfort users via video intertalk,instruct them on the correct way of disposal so as to effectively avoid from second injury.

Tracking After Accidents:

The mass data storage and smart analysis function of Yunti enables it to record the whole process of the accident and reproduce the on-site scenario which can help the government departments to track and find out reasons for the accident.

  Yunti Innovate

  • Real-time Testing and Warning Before Accidents

    Yunti underlines early-warning before accidents and improves elevator security through preventative measures. By uploading the off-line maintenance data recorded by the maintainers and combining it with real-time monitored data, it can judge potential risks, give out early warnings and gradually change the maintenance model from requiring designated time and personnel to a smart one with real-time efficiency and set-orientation.

  • Video System of Behavior Analysis

    Yunti’s video system of behavior analysis can effectively identity improper elevator-using behaviors such as hitting against the door, blocking the door and opening of the door by force, as well as the abnormal environments such as long-time opening of the door; it can dissuade people from doing so and give out warnings, thus avoiding accidents due to damages of elevators by human behaviors.

  • Unique PLC Signal Transmission

    Compared with traditional communications technology, PLC, or Power Line Communication, boasts the advantages of rapid transmission speed and stable singles, etc., with the two-way communication reliability reaching over 99.99%. Inside the elevator shaft, it has realized stable signal transmission, convenient installation and maintenance, and all network coverage of elevators.

  • Unique AI Management

    Yunti can automatically judge and operate via its artificial intelligence system in terms of testing, management and treatment while humans only play an auxiliary role, thus realizing high-efficient management and treatment to ensure elevator security. Yunti’s smart system boasts the functions of automatic progressing and up-grading.

  Yunti Framework

  Application Case

  • Love in a Fallen City
  • Fengya qiantang
  • Jiangnan garden Howe
  • The scenery compound
  • Greenfield park
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