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Smart construction site management solution based on PLC technology

BIMNET is a smart construction site management solution based on PLC technology; it applies PLC transmission technology, cloud computing, human face identification algorithm, big data statistics and AP wireless technology, and basing on network layout on the construction site, attains and transmits data via equipment such as human face identification module to the cloud for disposal and storage, which realizes information statistics and dynamic control of personnel, equipment and other resources, tracks project progress, and enables quality control and security management.

  BIMNET Significance

  • 01

    Providing network for the constructional stage, enabling information transmission.

  • 02

    Solving problems in construction site management. It can reduce labor, materials and construction cost, and improve construction efficiency.

  • 03

    Realizing security monitoring in key areas, reducing the incidence of security accidents, preventing production safety accidents.

  Innovation advantage

  • Unique Network Coverage Method

    Based on the features of various construction stages, BIMNET adopts PLC+wireless AP technology, gradually realizing gradient network coverage with the progress of construction. Wireless AP is mainly for space coverage and directly connected to various terminal equipment based on BIM system. PLC technology allows wall penetration, realizes relaying of wireless AP, connects spaces separated by various buildings and shapes an all-covering stereoscopic local area.

  • Initiated Security Monitoring Model

    Security monitoring in key areas, installing electronic fence, improving the security management mechanism for construction sites. Alarming in time and noticing the managing staff when someone enters the area by mistake, avoiding from security accidents and ensuring construction safety.

  • Accurate Personnel Management

    Accurate positioning of the personnel or materials on the construction site via RFID technology, with an accuracy of within 2 meters; checking attendance, tracking the movement of workers and up-loading the data in real-time to cloud platform for big data analysis, understanding the work efficiency of personnel in time, thus distributing labors reasonably to reduce the work period.

  • Big Data Analysis Control

    Collecting the data of staff behaviors, constructional material utilization and security monitoring in real-time, and up-loading it to the cloud platform; via horizontal and vertical analysis of the data, project principals can make timely adjustment, optimize resources, reduce cost and improve construction efficiency and quality.

  • Visualized Property Management

    Adopting RFID technology to add tags in constructional materials so as to track the material utilization, calculate the quantities and supplement in time. Data up-loaded to the cloud platform can be analyzed and checked visually so as to track material utilization and reduce material waste.

  • Greater Safety

    Compared with fiber and Ethernet cable, power line is more suitable to transmit signals in harsh environment. Wire transmission better ensures anti-interruption and data confidentiality, thus boasts greater safety. The absolutely confidential cloud technology co-developed with Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics can ensure data safety in an all round way.

  Innovation advantage

BIMNET is successfully implemented in many projects, such as Wanda Plaza in Yantai Development Zone, Internal Medicine Building of Shenzhen People’s Hospital, renovation and expansion of the Third People’s Hospital of Shenzhen, Shenzhen Liantang Port, Hangzhou Beigaofeng Linshun Monastery.

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