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Xinzailing and Yuhang District, Hangzhou Reached Strategic Cooperation in Yunyi Program

時間:2016-11-18 22:38 瀏覽:27次

On November 18, 2016, the press conference about Zhejiang Xinzailing’s product Yunti was held on the 5th floor of Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center. Persons in charge of the program,  relevant departments of Yuhang District Government of Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, as well as news media attended this press conference.


In the press conference, Mr. Hu Hao, CEO of Zhejiang Xinzailing Technology Co., Ltd. demonstrated Yunti to audiences.



The strategic cooperation agreement was signed between Yuhang District Government of Hangzhou and Xinzailing, which entrusts Xinzailing to renovate 25000 elevators in the district. 


Elevator is the transport tool closely related to people’s daily life. The release of Yunti system, therefore, has naturally attracted wide attention from journalists. After the press conference, Mr. Hu Hao was interviewed. In the interview, he said that the promotion of Yunti is to allow no elevator accident anymore, and Xinzailing would be committed to this great vision and cultivate Yunti as the top brand of smart elevator security system.

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