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  • Time flies. On January 8, the 2017 annual gala for New Year celebration co-held by Xinzailing and Broadlink was opened grandly in Landison Resort Tonglu, which witnessed a gathering of colleagues from Xinzailing and Broadlink, our cooperative partners and leaders. In the exciting, boisterous and active atmosphere, the gala offered a feast to the eyes.

  • On November 18, 2016, the press conference about Zhejiang Xinzailing’s product Yunti was held on the 5th floor of Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center. Persons in charge of the program, relevant departments of Yuhang District Government of Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, as well as news media attended this press conference.

  • On December 16, 2016, Zhejiang Xinzailing Technology Co., Ltd. welcomed the expert group to conduct on-site verification of Yunti program. Making up the expert group were team leader Prof. Zhu Changming, Director of Elevator Chapter of National Special Equipment Security Technology Commission, member of National Technical Committee 196 on Elevators of Standardization Administration of China, Ph.D.Supervisor of School of Mechanical Engineering,Shanghai Jiaotong University, and members of Mao Xiaosong

Founded in 2007, Zhejiang Xinzailing Technology Co., Ltd. is an IOT solution provider mainly in the three areas of public security, environment monitoring and smart home. Thanks to the new smart models created by its unique scientific achievements in the IOT big data era, Xinzailing has won many honors, e.g. national high-tech enterprise, torch plan program approval. The current businesses of Xinzailing are mainly Yunti, PDCS, INFi smart home, etc.

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